Update to Process for Reminders & Cancellations

changes to appointments and communications

Update to Process for Reminders & Cancellations

We are changing our process for managing appointment reminders and confirmations. As many of you know, you can now book make-up classes online via our website.

Based on feedback regarding the rescheduling and booking of classes, we are also implementing a method whereby you can cancel a class or appointment online, bypassing the need to contact our front desk.

Appointment reminders historically have involved an SMS text message, sent 2 days prior to the appointment, requesting a YES or NO reply.

The new system will involve the following:

  • A confirmation email sent out at the time of booking. This will apply to all appointment/class types. This email will include information about the appointment and a cancellation link which will allow you to cancel that booking online.
  • An SMS text message sent 2 days priorwhich will include the same cancellation link.
  • We encourage you all to book your appointments and classes online via our website.
  • You can still contact our front desk as required.
  • Please note our cancellation policy hasn’t changed, and this is included in the contents of the confirmation email.

For those who participate in our exercise classes, your classes are generally booked in bulk on our system for a given term (10 or 20 classes at once). If your classes are booked after we implement this change, you will receive 10 (GROUP THERAPY) or 20 (ONERO/BEAT IT/GLA:D) emails – one email corresponding to each of your classes for the term. Our apologies for this but we are unable to streamline everything into a single confirmation email for these classes because of the program involved. Each email will have the class date and time in the subject so they will be easy to find in your inbox to thus utilise the cancellation link for classes that you know you won’t be able to attend. You will also have the option of syncing the appointments with your calendars if you please.

The majority of you have already had your classes booked for Term 1 of 2024. Subsequently, you won’t receive the aforementioned group of emails until we book you for Term 2 2024.

We thank you in advance for your understanding. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support as we endeavour to enhance our physiotherapy and exercise services. Please feel free to provide us with your feedback regarding changes to our system. As with any change, we will do our best to address any teething problems as they arise.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2024.

For more information, please contact us on (02) 9438 1782 or enquiries@stleonardsphysio.com.au.