Golf Exercises Part 5 – Shoulder Turn With Leg Resistance

Golf Exercises Part 5 – Shoulder Turn With Leg Resistance

Peter Sharp demonstrates the shoulder turn but with added leg resistance to help build stability and strength.

Full Video Transcript

Hi. My name’s Peter Sharp from St Leonards Physiotherapy. This is a series of exercises that we’re doing for golf. And what you need to do is watch some of the previous videos before you try this one, because this is a more advanced exercise and it builds on some of the other exercise that we’ve done before. All right. So what you need to do here is you need a piece of TheraBand that’s tied around like a circle and you’re gonna put that in between your legs. And then you need another bit of TheraBand tied onto the door handle. And so what you’re trying to do here is stand with your knees apart. So you’re trying to switch on your buttock muscles.

All right. And then same thing, keeping your knees nice and apart. Keep your buttock muscles on, then trying to turn your body, your shoulders to the right. All right. So just holding there. By doing this exercise, what you’re doing is working on your shoulder turn or your thoracic turn, but at the same time, you’re strengthening the muscles that support your hip and your lower back of those buttock muscles. So you’re really killing two birds with one stone. And so what you’ll do is do a set of 10 of those. All right. Then you turn around and do the same exercise on the other side. Thank you.