Dec ’23 news: Finding Your Inner Christmas Chill.

Man meditating in yoga sitting position with eyes closed.

Dec ’23 news: Finding Your Inner Christmas Chill.

The last thing you need this time of year is more on your list… but we promise the suggestions made in this month’s newsletter are to help you find your inner Christmas chill.

We shine a light on the stress-reducing and pain-relieving benefits of remedial massage, we list out three easy healthy-holiday-habits that will help you start the new year with a spring in your step and we also delve into something on an entirely different note for those that are Christmas’d out already. Happy reading!

And if we don’t see you before the year is up, we wish you a safe, restful and joyous festive season and a Happy New Year!

Feeling Tense?

In our fast-paced lives, prioritising self-care is essential although often the last thing on our lists quite often leaving us feeling stressed, tense, stiff and possibly knotted. And while we’re not in the practice of quick-fix gimmicks, we do want to shine a light on the healing benefits of massage, in particular, remedial massage.

Remedial Massage is a therapeutic approach specifically designed to address musculoskeletal issues and alleviate pain or dysfunction – think lower back pain, sport injury, knotted shoulders from poor posture – but as a member of the massage family, Remedial Massage also delivers those relaxing, warming and stress melting vibes too.

Read on for the top THREE benefits of remedial massage:

  1. Relieves Muscular Tension and Pain: Remedial massage is highly effective in targeting and alleviating muscular tension and pain – which is why it goes hand in hand with Physiotherapy. By employing techniques such as deep tissue manipulation and trigger point therapy, we can help address the root cause of discomfort, and provide significant relief from conditions like lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches.
  2. Enhances Flexibility and Range of Motion: Regular remedial massage sessions contribute to improved flexibility and increased range of motion. This is achieved by breaking down adhesions and scar tissue, allowing joints to move more freely. So whether you’re an athlete or seeking better day-to-day mobility, remedial massage can make a significant difference.
  3. Stress Reduction and Mental Clarity: Beyond physical benefits, remedial massage is still a powerful stress-reduction tool. The calming nature of the massage stimulates the release of endorphins, promoting mental well-being, reducing stress levels, and improving sleep quality.

If remedial massage sounds like just the thing you need, then get in touch to make an appointment. And while all our physios are trained in remedial massage, you can make a booking for remedial massage specifically with our physios Michael Butters and Josh Heddle via our online booking portal.

Christmas Shutdown

We will be closing for a break over the holidays. Our clinic will be closed on all major public holidays as well as Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve. But rest assured that should you over-exert yourself mid-Christmas-cracker pull, or forget your age and injure yourself on the kids’ new trampoline, we’ll be open between Christmas and New Year to address any niggles or injuries and help you ring in the new year with a (treatment) plan.

We will return to normal business hours from Tuesday, 2nd January 2024. To make an appointment, call us on (02) 9438 1782 or book online.

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Taking the RIB out of Chrimbo!

Ok, that headline was a stretch, but our latest blog post has everything you need to know about Rib Trauma – and absolutely nothing about Christmas.

While the ribcage is designed to protect vital organs, it is not invincible, so understanding how to prevent these injuries and more importantly, when to take them seriously, is essential. Jump over to our website to read about the common, yet often underestimated, range of rib injuries and how they can vary from minor bruising to more severe fractures.

If you are currently suffering from a rib injury, call us on (02) 9438 1782 to make an appointment. The physiotherapists on our team will assess your injury and create a treatment plan tailored to you, your body, your lifestyle, and the precise nature of your injury.

The Education Quarter

Lifestyle Hacks for the Holidays

With the festive season upon us, it’s a time for joy, celebration, and reflection. While it can be a time full of hustle and bustle, it can also be an opportunity to step away from our regular habits and routines and introduce reinvigorating lifestyle changes that will benefit your physical and mental health. Think of it as a circuit breaker – a chance to break some habits and start the new year renewed.

We’re going to give a few easy changes a go this holiday. How about you? Of course, it can be hard to change our habits when pain holds us back. So, if you’ve got aches or injuries call us on (02) 9438 1782 so our physios can help get you moving and feeling better, otherwise, read on for three festive lifestyle hacks to make your holiday season extra special:

Scrabble tiles spelling out Merry Christmas

  1. Don’t Screen Yourself Off; Come Together for Some Festive Board Game Fun:

In this digital age, it’s easy to get lost in the virtual world, spending hours on screens for work and for entertainment. So much so that even when we get some downtime our hands keep twitching for our phones. Why not take a break from your devices while you take a break from work?

Instead of being glued to your screens, invite family and friends to a good old-fashioned board game night. Board games are an opportunity for endless fun and laughter. Dust off some classics like Monopoly or Scrabble, or opt for newer, engaging games that suit your group. A game of Charades requires no equipment at all and might get energetic enough to burn some Christmas calories! So, turn off those screens, roll the dice, and let the festive board game tradition begin!

  1. Don’t Turn into a Spud on the Sofa – Step into Daily Christmas Adventures Instead:

The temptation to collapse on the sofa during your holiday downtime is real. Festive movies call to you. And Christmas preparations on top of an already busy year might have you exhausted. But collapsing on the sofa only makes you more tired.

We’re not saying you need to push yourself to your edge at the gym everyday – unless you want to (and you’d be surprised how quickly the edge moves if you do….) but we are saying you should get out for a walk every day of the holidays. Or change it up, and instead of a walk make it a dance every day in your living room, or challenge the family to backyard games, or play Musical Statues… Just keep moving and grooving in whatever way you enjoy.

Did you know that exercise (even moderate, leisurely exercise) immediately after a meal significantly reduces blood sugar spike risk? This reduces risks of developing diabetes and will keep your energy and clarity even throughout the day. So, get in the habit of a post-prandial-perambulation (a walk after eating) after big meals this holiday!

Invite a friend, family member, or even your four-legged companion to join you. It’s an excellent way to have quality conversations, admire the festive decorations, and stay active. Plus, the change of scenery will lift your spirits, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to embrace the holiday season with a bounce in your step.

  1. Start Something New – Just for You:

Why wait for New Year’s resolutions? Kickstart something new right now to boost your creativity, fuel your sense of adventure, stimulate your brain, enhance your adaptability, and expand your knowledge. It could be something as simple as reading a book you’ve been hoping to get to, practising mindfulness, incorporating a new stretch or exercise into your routine, or exploring new foods.

By embracing something new, you infuse your holiday season with a sense of novelty and anticipation. It’s an excellent way to create memorable experiences and strengthen relationships.


In conclusion:

This festive season let’s rest and relax in healthy ways. Let’s connect with loved ones, maintain an active lifestyle, and embark on exciting journeys. (And remember to drink lots of water, stress less, and enjoy the Christmas fruit and vegetables as well as the sweets and the cheese!) Enjoy your holiday whatever you do. We look forward to seeing you at St Leonards Physiotherapy again soon. We will be taking a short break over the holidays ourselves to rest and reset so call us on (02) 9438 1782 to make an appointment if you would like to see us before the end of the year.

You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more healthy hints and tips. (But not over the holidays when you’ll be too busy playing board games and getting active!)

Have a happy, healthy, holiday.